Slide And Digital Competition No 4

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

This was it, then - last meeting in April and the last of the ladder competitions for the year! Bated breath time! This evening it was the turn of slide and digital images and with no set subject. The judge for the evening was Keith Adams from Ealing. He was the one who was originally judging the natural history competition - complicated, innit?

Anyway, a full house was ready and waiting for the pronouncements by Keith. An open subject always produces a wide range of images - from landscapes and natural history to portraits and still life - with a number of other genres thrown in for good measure! No disappointment there, then!

We started with the slides. Keith made the general comment that it was good to see the "natural" colour rendition of slides (doesn't see many in his visits to clubs then - makes us almost unique!). There were two 20s achieved: Nigel Glover-Wright for "The Race is On" and Ian Lewis for "Under the Bridge" The winner of this round was Nigel, with Ian 2nd and David Probert and Graham Piper jointly 3rd. The overall winner of the slide ladder was Ian, with Graham 2nd and Nigel 3rd.

This was followed by the digital images with an even broader range of subject matter and some really stunning images. There were three 20s achieved: Pamela Martin for "Dandelion" and two for David Dare: "Christine Studying" and "Male Cryptocladocera Fly" (gave me nightmares all weekend, that one, David - and even more trying to spell it!). The winner of this round was David, with Pamela 2nd and Tony Bates 3rd. The overall winner of the digital ladder was Pamela with Graham 2nd and Helen Richards 3rd.

Well done to all the winners of both competitions and ladders!

Incidentally, Keith is one of the very few judges to brave the after-club meeting at The Greyhound! Well done that man!


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