Digital Competition No 2 Three Of A Kind

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

There we were - the last meeting in November - and it was the first of the digital competitions with a set subject - 'Three of a Kind'. And the man in the hot seat - for the very last time at our club - Stan McCartin LRPS CPAGB APAGB. The last time because he's off to his homeland north of the border (Yes - even further north than Leighton Buzzard!) He's been judging our competitions for ages - back in the early noughties apparently!

Anyway, forty superb images awaited Stan's inspection. They really were too - superb that is! On the initial run through we all knew that he was in for a hard evening's work. All the images showed great creativity within the set subject and covered a range of photographic genres: landscape (with three figures of course!), natural history (with the subjects in threes), sports, architecture - you name it - it was there in triplicate!! And yes - Stan did have a difficult task - but with true Gallic grit he won through giving constructive comments interspersed with his usual humour!

So who gained 20s then? Well - there were four: Stephen Shadbolt's 'Waiting Patiently'; Tony Bates with 'Frosty Morning Lift Off' - which also gained the star; Nigel Glover-Wright with 'There's Always One' and 'Reflecting on Life' by Ceri Jones.

Four - yes - four people tied for third place with 36 points - Stephen Shadbolt, Ray Lewis, Nancy Massie and Joyce Storey. In joint second place were Tony Bates and Nigel Glover-Wright with 38 points ....... And the evening's winner was ....... Ceri Jones who scored 39 points!

Congratulations to all the high scorers and winners - and indeed to all who entered to give us such a good evening's viewing and entertainment.

And of course many thanks to Stan for his sterling work (or should that be Stirling for him??) - tonight and over the past fifteen or so years. The evening ended with our esteemed chairman presenting him with a bottle of single malt to warm him on his journey back to the frozen north! All the best Stan!


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