My Projects -The Arcades of Paris and the Arches of London

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Our last meeting in January - on the last day of January too! So we all flocked to the village hall at Whitchurch-on-Thames for a trip over to Paris and back to London - all in the space of an evening!

This was courtesy of Ted Kinsey who visited us with his presentation 'The Arcades of Paris and the Arches of London'. Thought a quick rendering of 'underneath the arches' might be in order! (ok then - perhaps not!).

Ted shoots solely on film and in black and white, so his images have that certain grittiness and moodiness. To start with he reminded us of a previous project he'd brought to our club a few years ago - architecture reflected in women's clothing - shape and pattern predominating of course!

Then as promised he took us over to Paris where he's spent a number of trips (useful thing Eurostar eh?) photographing the iconic glass-covered arcades which abound over there. With light predominantly from the overhead glass that somewhat dark moodiness was distinctly present. And people feature strongly in the images - another of Ted's 'musts'.

Back on Eurostar to the arches of London - railway arches to be precise! Or rather it's what's been created in the way of workspace and business space under them. Some really great atmospheric images here - and superb portraits of the people in their working environments - from garage workshops to a micro-brewery - and stylish restaurants!

A good evening and inspiration for projects of our own - thanks for sharing with us Ted!

And if you want to see more - his website:


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