6x4 Competition and Discussion Evening

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The 7th February and our annual 6x4 Competition. Has a historical pedigree this one - harks back to the time when we all had film cameras and when we sent our films off to be developed we got these things called enprints back - and yes - they were mostly 6x4.

Enough history - on with the matter in hand!!

So 19 stalwart members came along with their panels of five 6x4 images - no names - no titles - just numbers - and set them out on the tables around the hall. And what a superb selection there was! Everything from portraiture to the natural world and from landscapes to close-ups.

The club members present had a difficult task in choosing their favourite panels but by the tea break all was done and the voting commenced by show of hands

So here are the results from the Whitchurch Hill jury ........ the first five places in reverse order were:

In joint 5th place with 13 votes were Sarah Packham and Ivor Cowley; in fourth place with 16 votes was Sylvia Blackmore; in third place with 17 votes came Ian Lewis; in second place with 19 votes came Rachel Paton ...... and the winner with 20 votes was David Dare!

Congratulations to David and all the high scorers - and thank you to everyone who submitted a panel. It was a great success - and our esteemed chairman says it will definitely be included in next season's programme!

But that's not all 'cos after the tea break we had our discussion evening. By far the most important part of this was deciding on the two set subjects for next season's competitions. With a shortlist of ten presented by the committee, the members voted (well in practice for voting by now!) and the result is that the two set subjects will be People At Work and Close Up.

Oh yes ..... it was also announced that our summer outing this year will be to Brighton! Hurrah!


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