Flowers Of The Altai Mountains

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

So on 7th March the entire club was sent to Siberia! Well - don't take that too literally - because in fact we were taken on a virtual visit to the Altai Mountains in Southern Siberia by Barbara Lyddiatt. None of your wind- blown icy wastes then - the trip she made was in the spring - and it was apparently very warm!

Barbara described the journey to get there - for some inexplicable reason flying to Vienna then on to Moscow and finally on to The Altai mountains. From there she and her husband trekked with guides into the mountains particularly to see the local flora (apparently not too much fauna around!). Her images showed the mountains covered in colourful wild flowers which Barbara captured on film and on paper. She also brought along albums she'd made detailing the various plants. We also saw their en route accommodation - pretty basic but apparently comfortable enough!

Certainly not what I was expecting when the word Siberia was mentioned - it really is a beautiful area - so thank you to Barbara for sharing your images and experiences with us! It was a lovely evening which we all enjoyed. Oh - and a mention for her husband who not only appeared in photographs but was also credited with at least one one (if I remember rightly)!


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