Hunting The Northern Lights

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

So to start April off we went on a virtual trip to Norway in the company of Stan Hill. The title of his presentation was 'Hunting the Northern Lights' which gives you a bit of a clue as to the aim of his journey doesn't it!

So this was done on one of the ships belonging to Hurtigruten - a ferry line that takes its passengers all up the Norwegian coast and into the fjords (other cruise lines are available - but only this one winds its way through the islands!)

Stan's trip was made in early spring - so it seems it was a bit on the cold side to say the least! Not cold enough to stop him enjoying life on deck though - even sampling the joys of the Jacuzzi!!!

So we saw stunning images of the Norwegian coast - particularly the islands and the fjords with sheer cliffs dropping vertically into the sea - the ship virtually brushing their sides! Beautiful images of the coastal towns and villages too - almost tumbling into the sea!

And did he see the Northern Lights? Yes, he did - and to prove it we saw his photographs with the mysterious green light waving its way through the dark Norwegian skies.

A superb evening - enjoyed by all. Great images and commentary. Thanks for sharing your images and experiences with us Stan!


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