Print Competition No 4

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

So there we were all ready for the last of our ladder print competitions this season. As per usual this had no set subject - hurrah! Means lots of good, varied images to enjoy! Of course someone has to be in the hot seat and make comments on the pictures and this time Gordon Roberts CPAGB made the long and tedious journey all the way from outer Wallingford to be our judge.

So what was he faced with? As I said - lots of great images with a wide variety of subjects. We went to such geographically diverse places as the Lake District, Spain, the Sahara - and the station subway at Pangbourne! We looked over the River Avon at Bath and virtually experienced the Industrial Revolution. How about that for getting your money's worth!

Well - Gordon started off with the monochrome prints 18 of them - and all looking great. He awarded three 20s - 'Budapest Waterfront' by Ivor Cowley; 'Inside the Bottle Oven' by Ivor Cowley and 'Subway to Platform 2' by Tony Bates - which also gained the star.

Then to the colour prints - 25 of these! Again three 20s - 'The Eyes of a Peacock' by Ray Lewis; 'Morning Rays' by Ceri Jones and 'Lone Tree Facing a Storm' by John Sexton - which was awarded the star.

And now for the rankings for this competition .......

Firstly the monochrome section .... In third place was Bill Scott with a total of 37 points - and in joint first place were Ivor Cowley and Tony Bates, both scoring 39 points.

Now the colour section ... in third place was Tony Bates scoring 37 points and in joint first place came John Sexton and Ceri Jones - both with 39 points.

What a great competition! Congrats to all the winners and high scorers - and well done to all who entered and made it such an enjoyable evening. And thanks of course to Gordon for braving the hordes at WHCC and doing such a grand job as judge!

Oh yes - and what did all this do to the Print Ladders? Well - hold on tightly and I'll tell you .....

Firstly, monochrome ... (drum roll) ...

In third place with a total of 141 points is Bill Scott. Then in second place with 142 ... Sarah Packham. And the monochrome winner with 147 points is .... Tony Bates!

Now for the colour .......

In third place with 144 points is Bill Scott. In second place scoring 145 points is John Sexton ..... and in first place with a grand total of 151 points is Ceri Jones!

Congratulations to you all!!


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