A Mountaineer's Eye View of South East England

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

So we all wondered what a 'Mountaineer's Eye View of South East England' was all about ... could Box Hill be a sudden contender in the mountain stakes ... or closer to home - what about Streatley Hill???? Of course, could be images taken from on high by a drone!

Well, all was revealed when we met Chris Hutchinson, our guest speaker. Turns out he's a qualified mountain guide which goes some way to explain the mountain bit .... but we soon realised that this evening was not really about mountains (well - there were a few high bits in the south downs!) - it was more about Chris's view of our part of England. Not particularly just the south east either - 'cos we were taken from the start of the Thames - right down through London - and a sharp right through Kent and then along the south coast!

We also soon realised that Chris is an avid collector of the quirky - bit like our own revered chairman then! We were treated to images of the stranger and - let's face it - downright odd things that can be found and photographed: signs, places, objects and, of course, people (and you'll find them doing some pretty strange things as you go round the country!). Chris, of course, being a Morris Man is closely involved in the quirkier side of life!

Have to say that this was a really entertaining evening: we were treated to images - many from Chris's collection taken on 35mm film - which brought us into contact with the south east's curiosities (no - I don't mean the Chairman - but he knew the whereabouts of many of these - and I bet he'll go looking for the ones he didn't know about!)) - often informative, interesting and frequently highly amusing!

Thank you for sharing your photos and experiences with us Chris - I for one thoroughly enjoyed the evening - keep finding the strange and even slightly mad things within our lovely country!


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