Piers Of The Realm

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

So here we are – the start of a brand new season with masses of lovely images to delight us and techniques to learn and/or brush up on.

And what a great start to the year – a visit by Micki Aston CPAGB MCIoJ taking us all the way round the coast of Britain to visit its piers. Just to underline the subject, the title of her presentation is ‘Piers of the Realm’ – says it all really!

So Micki, in her inimitable style not only showed us each and every pier (and yes – she has visited them all!!) but told us about their history – and also gave her opinion of each one. Of course there are the ‘spectacular’ ones like Brighton and elegant ones such as Eastbourne and Southwold but we found there are some which are scarcely worthy of the title ‘pier’ – being fairly miserable blocks of stone or concrete (but they’re listed!). The images were, of course, superb. And even better – she captures many of them at the crack of dawn (and I’m in awe of anybody who gets up and about at that unearthly hour!). That means that the crowds aren’t yet thronging the seafront and the colours are enhanced by the early morning sun (when and if it decides to show itself). Not that her images are totally lacking in people though - a husband is apparently very useful as human interest (especially when wearing red!). And – in addition to the information about the piers themselves – Micki also gave us technical details and hints on composition.

So a superb evening enjoyed by all! Many thanks for coming to share your experience of piers with us Micki – we look forward to seeing you again!



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