Basics of Digital Audio Visual

posted by Ian Lewis in Club Meetings

Enter the article So we all flocked to the village hall on this first Wednesday in October, looking forward to gaining some tips and wrinkles about creating audio visual presentations. And who better to lead us through this than Les Spitz – a well-known and respected expert in the field. Indeed, as a judge, he apparently only deals with AV competitions!

We weren’t disappointed either! This wasn’t just a set of instructions – rather Les treated us to a number of his short presentations and after each he singled out the techniques used to create the effects using Pictures2Exe. He began by taking us to Vietnam and Singapore, his presentations showing us something of life there. But more to the point, he then described how he achieved the zooming and panning effects using the timeline and the ‘objects and animation’ tool. Quite straightforward until you have someone waving from a window! So apparently you just cut out the arm and reposition it several times using the aforementioned tool – simples! (er …. no!).

Les also covered adding sound for which he uses Audacity (which we’ve met through our esteemed chairman!).

So during the evening, not only did we learn about AV – we were also taken on tours of the Far East and Africa (this last for a visit to the Kruger National Park for a presentation on wildlife and particularly big cats). We also took an interesting look at street art in various countries but especially in England where in London and other cities artists are commissioned to decorate walls and buildings.

This was a superb evening – thank you for sharing your work and techniques Les! And now we look forward to club members’ presentations 0n 12th December (time to get to work on these then!).



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