A few Q&A'a that I have put together in order to pre-empt any queries from club members. If there is anything that you don't understand or want to know, then please do get in touch by e-mail or have a quick word with me on a club evening. Similarly, please do contact me if you want to post some content of your own, or if you discover any errors on the site.

Please note that the notes below are written in a lighthearted, humorous and (some - including me - might say) flippant tone. Please read them as such, and try to chuckle rather then chuck! Thanks.

DannyC, WHCC Webmaster

Where did the old Website go? I want it back!
Sorry, but it's gone forever. This isn't just a design decision: code changes constantly on the Web and things just had to be updated to ensure that the club Website was good for a few years into the future.
OK, I'll guess I'll get used to it. So what's changed?
Whew! Where to start? Well... firstly the basic HTML code is now compliant with the latest Web standards (HTML5).
Next, there are a few fancy-pants additions which rely on the latest version of CSS (CSS3) in order for you to appreciate them. Chances are that you won't even notice that they're there - but then, that's how it's supposed to be.
However, you will only see this Website the way it is intended to be displayed if you are using an up-to-date Web browser. The Website should still display well in older Web browsers, but I am not going to support anything pre-IE7 for example - sorry. If you are not using a modern browser, then you are laying yourself open to all kinds of security issues. All Web browsers have some bugs, (often display or printing issues), but they are vastly improved to what was available just a few short years ago. Here are some links to downloads of the latest Web browsers.
I have added a link to the WHCC site on Flickr, and also incorporated a feed which shows the latest photos which have been uploaded to the WHCC Flickr group. The photo thumbnails link to the individual's Flickr account, but they have all been posted to the WHCC Flickr group. the time of writing most of these appear to be from a certain Bill Pound, who lives in Norfolk - well done Bill!
The members galleries page has been made dynamic, so that it is far easier to maintain and update. Essentially the code to display all the galleries is contained within just one page.
For ease of use, I have also ensured that the Homepage contains just about everything that most members will want to access quickly: the latest Blog post; the next three competitions and links to the forms for those; the next three items in the programme calendar; and a slideshow of some of the latest fantastic images which you have all produced.
I have expanded the links page to contain links to many items of interest to club members. Not of interest to you? Tell me what is: let me know!
I have also created two RSS feeds of our own, which will update automatically as we go through the season.
What is an RSS feed and what do I do with it?
An RSS feed is a quick and easy way of getting the latest updates from your favourite Website (that's here, by the way!) I'm not going to reinvent the whelk (that's a joke, not a mis-spelling), so I'll let the BBC explain all about it.
The RSS feeds so far available on this site list the last ten entries on the blog (camera club meetings etc.), and the next ten club meetings listed in the current programme.
Where are the competition forms, for goodness sake?
The form for each individual competition is linked to via the list of competitions on the (you guessed it) competitions page. Each separate competition has it's own unique form (so there is a separate form for monochrome and colour prints, for example). The link to the form will disappear once the submission date has passed. So if you are late getting your entries in, You'll just have to ask the relevant competition secretary...nicely!
The homepage also lists the next three upcoming competitions and links to the competition forms. This will also update automatically.
You are still listing the meetings from the programme which have already passed in the programme archive. Why?
Three reasons: 1. It's great fodder for the search engines. 2. It's good for prospective members so that they see what a great programme we have, and be encouraged to visit or join (though I'm not sure I need any more competition in the raffle!) 3. It makes members of other clubs jealous!
What happened to the old 'News' page?
It has mutated into a 21st century 'blog' (Weblog - or online diary, if you will). The old news page essentially listed the camera club meeting reports, with the summer meetings maintained on a separate page.
Now, instead of having these items separated, they are now all lumped together into one blog, This helps with ease of maintenance. The blog page(s - you may navigate through them) contain introductions to the articles, which then link to the complete article on a new page. This helps keep the pages concise, and also boost search engine rankings. Articles in the blog are given tags, so that you may view only the ones which interest you.
You have a Blog tag for 'Tips and Tutorials'. I know I thing or two which I'd like to share. Can I?
Surely. Please let me have the article and I shall upload it pronto. You will make a lot of people very happy. Not least me.
The links to various members' galleries just show the same old names (yawn). Why?
'Cos you haven't got a gallery up yet. Stop moaning and make some tea.
Why should I have a gallery on the WHCC site/why should I give up my spare time contributing to the site.
You don't have to. But if you want some self-promotion for your photo's (or any other reason), it will pay you back. This site will shortly get a lot of exposure in the search engines, and a link from here to your site will be (in)valuable. In any case - it's a nice thing to do!
Alright - sold. But can't I just upload my own photos/article to the site?
I'm working on it....
The Links page contains links to an awful lot of other camera clubs in the region. Won't that just drive people away from us?
No. Firstly, it's a nice thing to do to help promote other clubs. Secondly, the search engines love it. Thirdly, folk looking for a camera club are more likely to find us because of it. And lastly, if someone can't come to us, why not help them find a club they are able to attend and enjoy?
I've found a problem with the WHCC site. What should I do?
Keep it to yourself. Seriously, please let me know. I'm not perfect (though I'm pretty close), and I do make mistakes (just ask my wife!). I'll correct any errors that are notified to me just ASAP.
I like the general idea of this site, and want to build one of my own now. Can you give me a link to the software?
No: there is no program or automated system available to build this site. It's all done by lil' ol' me. So keep your hard-hat on!
What software did you use to do the coding & image creation/editing?
Macromedia Dreamweaver 8; Macromedia Fireworks 8; Heidi SQL; Lightroom 3; a lot of hand-coding; a ball of string and some sticky tape.
I don't like the colour/design/layout/logo of this Website. Can you change it?
I do (though I probably won't next week) - and no. Now get that kettle on.


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